Solidified Ashes

Size: S & L. L approx. 6″ x 7″
Type: Industrial
Material: Ash + binders


The discarded ashes of a cigarette are given form.

A sensual ashtray made of an unlikely material. The object looks like a smooth, deformed, feather weight, pillow but is actually quite heavy & very hard. It lies somewhere between a mass produced object & an object d’art.

Solidified Ashes is made with a mix of ashes, charcoal, graphite & binders. The large concentration of inert, burnt materials makes it resistant to heat from cigarettes & cigars. They are individually crafted & deformed one by one & are available in two sizes, small & large. Coloration & the amount of deformation vary from piece to piece & no two are identical.

Wipe with a damp, lint-free cloth only as necessary. Do not clean with soap or detergents. Do not immerse in water. To renew luster wipe with a lint-free cloth & a small amount of vegetable oil. Because of the unique material content, always test before placing on porous surfaces.

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SPACECUTTER – NYC, Chicago, Catskills/Hudson Valley