Corner Table

Size: 19″ x 14″ x 44″
Type: Furniture
Cost: $280
Material 1: Steel + painted top
Material 2: Steel + gold leaf top
Variant: Far Less Table
Fabrication: BCB Steel
Paint: Julio Gomez


A one-legged table, an impossibility. A fragile mirage that lives in a corner & paints the walls with reflected light. The 44″ table height is strategically placed to be seen on-edge from a seated position. Viewing the table top on-edge heightens the experience of the reflected, colored light.

On display during NY Design Week at the BOFFO Show House, 371 Madison Street, NY, NY, 10002 from May 15 – June 4, 2012


  • Concealing Bowl
  • Wall Pocket
  • Solidified Ashes
  • Separating Seams
  • Night Straw
  • Night Drink
  • Displacement Handle
  • Far Less Table
  • Bent Handle
  • Corner Table
  • Interior Topography
  • Wedge Desk
  • Monolith Table
  • AXXA Chair



SPACECUTTER – award winning NYC architect