AXXA Chair

Size: 3.3′ x 2.7′ x 4′
Type: Furniture
Material: Aluminum + Polyester
Collaborator: Matei Denes


The AXXA Chair is a comfortable place to lounge in the park. The frame is composed of lightweight, aluminum tubes & the seating area is made of an elastic woven netting that provides firm but adaptive support. The chair has a tall back, low center of gravity & wide stance, which makes it inviting & stable on the ground. They are easy to move, stackable, and durable. Perfect for outdoor use, the AXXA Chair will brighten and animate Battery Park Green.

The typical chair is woven from elastic fabric straps of a single color while Special Sponsor Chairs are woven from multiple colored straps. The multiple colors are selected in alignment with a company/individual/nations branding preferences & existing brand colors.

The chair frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum tubes that are resilient to the outdoor environment. The 3 tubes are contoured with a pipe bender & attached together via a reinforced, 3-way splice connection on both sides of the chair. The 20 elastic fabric straps are individually woven & attached to the frame, which is typical of many chair designs. To complete the seating area, a final strap is stretched across to create a horizontal seating surface & reclined back.

Proposal for NYC Battery Park chair competition.


SPACECUTTER – NYC, Chicago, Catskills/Hudson Valley