Far Less Table

Size: 30″ x 22″ x 30″
Type: Furniture concept
Cost: $2K
Material: Steel + perf. mirror
Variant: Corner Table


A phenomenological expression. The common 4 legs are reduced to 1. The table top is reduced to a thin glass plane, which is further dematerialized with perforations. The image is of a fragile mirage.


  • AXXA Chair
  • Monolith Table
  • Wedge Desk
  • Interior Topography
  • Corner Table
  • Bent Handle
  • Far Less Table
  • Displacement Handle
  • Night Drink
  • Night Straw
  • Separating Seams
  • Solidified Ashes
  • Wall Pocket
  • Concealing Bowl

SPACECUTTER – award winning NYC architects