Night Drink

Size: Handful + straw
Type: Industrial concept
Cost: clay + glaze
Material: Night Straw
Variant: Night Drink


Nighttime thirst.

A glass of water on a night table. Although relatively convenient, this requires one to sit up to take a drink. Not sitting up enough results in some water trickling down your
neck. Between a wet neck & sitting up, it’s difficult to fall back asleep.

An egg-like object with a low center of gravity sits on your night table. The sensual egg shape is easy to hold in the hand, the small hole along the top discourages spills, the downward pointing spout allows for drinking in a reclined position, the hyper-extended nature of the spout ensures Night Drink is always at the edge of your night table for easy access. Additionally, because of the hyper-extended nature of the spout, a natural siphon is created when drinking, slowly pouring water into your mouth. When your thirst is satisfied, simply cover the top hole with your finger & draw one more sip, the siphoning action stops & you can place Night Drink back on your night table. Your thirst is quenched & you fall back asleep more quickly.

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  • Concealing Bowl
  • Wall Pocket
  • Solidified Ashes
  • Separating Seams
  • Night Straw
  • Night Drink
  • Displacement Handle
  • Far Less Table
  • Bent Handle
  • Corner Table
  • Interior Topography
  • Wedge Desk
  • Monolith Table
  • AXXA Chair

SPACECUTTER – award winning NYC architect