Spiral River Park

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Type: Landscape Design
Cost: $250K
Status: Competition entry
Materials: shotcrete, pebbles + water


The Spiral River is an urban manifestation of a natural stream. It provides a myriad of play features at varying heights while also allowing for imaginative free play. The river bed in lined with smooth stones that can be structured to create mounds & valleys to manipulate the downhill flow of water; while the yellow loop provides a circuit for chase games. Towards the center of the spiral is the toddler’s area, with a clear perimeter to contain young children. The pebble pond provides a super-expansive area for limitless free play exploring flow, dams, gravity & digging. If a child wants to get completely wet, they’ll certainly find that opportunity; but if they prefer to get just a little wet, they’ll also find that.


SPACECUTTER – NYC, Chicago, Catskills/Hudson Valley