Coffee Shop With Dissected Interior

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Size: 1,200 SF
Type: Hospitality
Construction: $350K
Structural: Madsen Consulting
Completion: 2016


In the Nostrand Café coffee bar and restaurant a lightbox, hanging over a long communal table, dissects the space and creates a powerful visual experience. Like a detached piece of the ceiling, the interior of the light is lined with silver tin tiles. Inside, an up-light playfully bounces light down to the whitewashed table and provides soft illumination to the rest of the café.

With movable benches and loose chairs around the nearly 20-foot long table, seating in the center of the space is flexible. Along the wall, a continuous bench with small tables offers patrons more privacy.

The rich history of the storefront and this Brooklyn neighborhood is referenced through the restoration of a portion of the original terrazzo floor and exposed brick walls, while the dropped pool of light is a fictional reinterpretation of what might have been there previously, adding texture to the otherwise minimal design of the café.

Restaurant reviews
★★★★1/2 Yelp


SPACECUTTER – NYC, Chicago, Catskills/Hudson Valley