Pop-up Shop

BOFFO Building Fashion 2013
Michael Bastian Pop-Up Shop
Size: 640 SF
Type: Retail/Commercial
Materials: Wood, steel + light


Proposal for Fall/Winter 2013 collection within a temporary shipping container.

A dark space with a distinct zone of light running through the center. Ones moves through the store passing from dark space, to bright space, to a multitude of gradients in between; much like walking through the woods. The repetitive, reclaimed wood shelves re-emphasize that we are in the woods & are not meant to be filled completely with merchandise. A significant amount of space should be left open on the shelves for one to appreciate the subtlety of light & shadow from the overhead lighting effect. Strategic places with the right amount of lighting will be chosen for the articles of clothing. The entire perimeter walls & ceilings are painted a warm black/brown. A shaft of light is built descending from the ceiling, which houses all the lighting. The store is arranged into a front 1/3 & back 2/3. Customers wander around through the store getting glimpses from one zone into another. The front zone is intimate with lots of opportunities for up-close interaction with the collection on display shelves. Elements from the front carry into the back lounge, which is spatially more generous & suited for lounging, gazing, fitting & congregation. For the lounge, cushions are made with excess fabric from the collection. Displays shelves are made of barn wood of various widths & lengths, mostly tidy along the edges but sometimes running loose. The shelves are supported with small diameter steel rods that are delicately welded together. The vertical steel rods run through gaps between the boards. A distinct smell is present in the store; fall leaves, dirt & furniture wax. A beautiful component of the design is that all the wood can be re-used.


SPACECUTTER – NYC, Chicago, Catskills/Hudson Valley