Amazon Clinic

Location: Peruvian Amazon
Size: 32,400 + campus
Type: Healthcare & Master Planning
Construction: $5MM
Client: Project Amazonas
Financial Support: Siemens
Structural: LERA Consulting
Environmental: PB World
Status: Fundraising


The new medical facility in Mazán, Peru will be the primary source of medical care for 45,000 people annually. Currently the only option for medical care involves a multi-day journey for over 70 villages in the Mazán river basin.

This medical facility is made possible by Project Amazonas, AidJoy, Engineers Without Borders, Loreto Peru’s Ministry of Health, The Iquitos School of Medicine, and the city of Mazán.

The Amazon Medical Clinic in Mazán Peru will drastically change the nature of medical care for the people of the region. “Imagine patients – pregnant women, little kids, snakebite and accident victims, others burning up with malaria – having to travel for days in dugout canoes or open boats to reach the nearest health post. Often the odyssey is far from over when they arrive since the health posts are under staffed and poorly equipped. Frequently they simply lack the capacity to treat a patient and many people die or suffer needlessly” explains Dr. Graham.

-Project Amazonas

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