Carved Duplex

Location: Williamsburg, NY
Size: 2,000 SF + 300 SF deck
Type: Residential
Construction: $260K
Client: 95 Havemeyer Corp
Builder: Euda Construction
Engineer: Grant
COR-TEN: Chapel Steel
Photos: Michael Vahrenwald
Completion: 2011


Carved Duplex is a rooftop addition to a brick townhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The apartment takes over the 3rd floor & expands upward via a COR-TEN box. The project explores the phenomenological qualities of living in close proximity to large monoliths in various material forms. The project slowly unfolds from a black bedroom on the lower level to white living room on the upper level. The project includes twin-cut fireplaces, large wedge core, stainless steel kitchen, long stainless steel tub, roof deck & grey wooden floors. COR-TEN steel prints by fashion designer, Jonathan Cohen, for spring/summer 2012 collection.

Dwell photo: Architect Alex Gil & Claudia DeSimio at Monolith table by Paul Barbera

Featured in:
Dwell Home Tours, May 2015
Dwell magazine, Most Popular Homes of 2014
Dwell magazine, February 2014 issue, see Press section
In the City, published by Gestalten, 2014, see Press section
Design Bureau magazine, August 2013 issue, see Press section


  • Ceiling Texture
  • Carved Duplex
  • Cut Triplex
  • Light From Without
  • Fire House
  • White Open Apartment