Green Datum Restaurant – La Loncheria BK

Location: Bushwick, NY
Size: 1,000 SF
Type: Hospitality
Chef: Danny Mena
Mixologist: Oscar Bernal
Completion: 2018


Expanding on some of our previous design ideas combined with the simplicity, richness & speed of Mexican street food, La Loncheria presents itself as an intimate space with a lively character. Upon entry, the two tiered wall mounted tables encourage a higher density & on-the-go eating experience.  Moving towards the center of the space, steel shelves & green glazed tiles surround the full bar & extensive Mezcal selection. While at the rear is located a reconfigurable seating area with tables.

Restaurant reviews
★★★★1/2 Yelp


SPACECUTTER – NYC, Chicago, Catskills/Hudson Valley